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Chip Resetter

Our chip resetter completely reprograms the cartridge chip, not just the ink level.

Performance Screen Supply strongly recommends you buy a chip resetter with your first purchase of Dye Black Film Ink Cartridges.

Why You Need One

Production, not downtime, makes you money. Unfortunately, you can't predict when a chip will not set or will stop reading. A chip resetter can help. A chip resetter is an inexpensive and reusable tool that can save you from a day or more of downtime.

Epson doesn't make cartridges that have only black ink (dye) to load into every slot. To maintain top performance among all cartridges, your ink jet has to be told all cartridges contain black ink. And occasionally a chip will malfunction, especially if it's zapped by static electricity. A chip resetter resets your cartridge's on-board software so it uses all its ink efficiently and effectively.

Why Our Chip Resetter Is Superior

Not all resetters are created equal. Some reset just the ink counter on the chip, fooling the printer into believing the cartridge has more ink in it. Ours do more. Our resetters completely reprogram the cartridge chip. If the chip has be exposed to static electricity and the chip programming is trashed, our resetter will reprogram it and reset the ink level to full. On larger format Epson printers, our chip resetter will also reset the ink maintenance tank and allow additional time before replacement.

If a chip resetter does not work after several tries you may have a chip that is truly damaged. Call us for replacement of cartridges that are still within the warranty period. Most of the time the resetter saves the day.

Disclaimer: Our chip resetters are designed to work with the Dye Black Film Ink Cartridges. They are not guaranteed to work with other third-party cartridges.

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