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Installing and Turning On All Black Ink Cartridges

Unpackage your inks. Follow any “on-cartridge” instructions for removal of tabs (if applicable).

Each cartridge is labeled with its proper slot. Insert the cartridges in your model matching cartridges to their proper slots (you can not use cartridges designed for a particular slot in any other slot as this can damage the cartridge chip and will also not function). We suggest inserting cartridges from slot one on upward but it is not absolutely necessary to follow this order.

Desktop Users: make sure the cartridges all comfortably fit and make a slight clicking sound indicating they have each made the proper contact.

Wide Format Users: note that an on-screen message of “Non-Genuine” is simply an Epson disclaimer noting they are not Epson cartridges. Answer the disclaimer on your Epson inkjet display screen.

In rare instances a cartridge does not set or fails due to static electricity or power surge, etc. The chip simply needs reprogramming which is easily accomplished using the chip resetter offered by your distributor. Note: not all resetters are created equal and actually do not reprogram the All Black Ink cartridges.

You will now need to turn on the All Black Ink option in AccuRIP Software (or verify the setting is still on from previous use). Under AccuRIP’s FILE MENU>Setup simply CLICK the Multi-black option. You will see that your entire list of cartridge slots are checked and ON. Note: you have the ability to check on or off any or all slots. Make sure you manage this section properly to avoid uneven draining of cartridges.

Don’t Be Without a spare set of All Black Ink cartridges.